So why the name change?

So at the beginning, my blog was just called "katiecampblog"... so original am I right???? Disclaimer for my first blog posts: At the start of my blog (when I was freaking out about graduating and growing up.... because I was turning 18 and that was sooooo old), those blog posts were really really bad. I advise you to not go... Continue Reading →


fearfully and wonderfully made

I've struggled with my self- confidence for a very long time. I'm very hard on myself... constantly tearing myself down. I speak negatively about myself all the time. I try to play it off... but I've learned it does affect you even when you don't think it will. There was a video on Facebook produced... Continue Reading →

a “tug” in the right direction?

Everyone that knows me remembers one prominent thing about me. I was completely undecided with my major. Job interviews, family reunions... every time someone asked me what I was planning to do with my life, the only answer I could come up with was "I don't know." It made me sound immature and irresponsible. I... Continue Reading →

tomorrow is not guaranteed

A quick little thought for the day: If you knew exactly when you would die, whether it was tomorrow, next week or some day next year, down to the very second in time, what what you do? ------------- I would take my passport and go travel exotic places. I would go to the beach in... Continue Reading →

“Agents of Redemption”

This topic has popped up in a few different subjects and conversations the past week, so I felt compelled to write a little something about it... because it is a good reminder. One of the freshman core classes at Ouachita is something they call an OBU Connections Class. It takes a subject you are interested... Continue Reading →


It has been 4 weeks since I left home and it is hard not to hug my mom, sleep in my own bed, and eat a home-cooked meal everyday... but I'm getting through it one step of a time. One of those steps is remembering all the fantastic things that happened this week that make... Continue Reading →

many firsts

I know its been a little while since I've written... I'll try to keep it on a weekly basis from now on 🙂 I named this blog "many firsts" just because there were a whole lot of firsts in these past two weeks from first day of school, first game/ tournament, first trip to hot... Continue Reading →

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