The big 1-8

11:37 pm. June 24, 2016

Today was pretty much alike any other ordinary day of mine… well… except actually managing to get out of my bed before 10 am. I had to wake up at 7 and wait an hour and a half to renew my drivers license at the DPS which of course was 30 minutes away… ugh… Had to get it renewed quickly or I wouldn’t have it in time for our vacation this summer. From there, I dropped my sister off with dad for her dr. appointment and chilled at Baka’s for a little while (my grandmother is Croatian. Baka is the Croatian word for grandmother, so we have always called her that.) We made banana bread… actually she baked it and I ate it. Had papa murphy’s pizza and helped our Aunt Carol clean her house. A pretty random day if I may say so myself. But it’s weird that this day will go down in history as my last day of “minorhood.” No more “you have to be an adult to eat in the living room” or “you’re not old enough to watch this movie” or the BIGGEST one… “you have to have a legal guardian present to do {blah blah blah}”. I know a lot of us have probably heard that too many times.  The 1-8 is a pretty huge deal. You no longer have to have your parents’ consent to do things, you can order off of infomercials, buy a lottery ticket, get a tattoo, vote, go clubbing ( but no alcohol of course *wink)… the list goes on and on of all the crazy things you can do now. But it comes with a price; the big 1-8 has many consequences: men have to sign up for the draft, you can legally be arrested/ tried as an adult, you are considered independent from your parents so they technically don’t have to support you anymore (when you go to college, they won’t be there to make you dinner, wash your clothes, pressure you to get your homework turned in on time, give you a hug when you’ve had a bad day) With the big 1-8, you must leave all your childishness behind, because there is a whole other world out there waiting for you.

To be honest, I’m pretty scared of the future. I have grown up surrounded by a family who love me with all their hearts, who have given everything I could ever need. I have never faced starvation, poverty, loneliness…they were there each and every step of the way…  so I haven’t faced some of the challenges the majority of the people in America have faced. I’ve been able to pursue my goals of playing collegiate volleyball but of course that came with a price. Since I was so consumed with volleyball and my schoolwork, I never developed any outside hobbies that further led me towards what career path I may want to pursue one day. I am still completely clueless. I just have to trust God’s plan for my life each and every step of the way.

Jesus Calling says…

“HOLD MY HAND – AND TRUST…Fearful, anxious thoughts melt away in the Light of My Presence. The world, dependency is seen as immaturity. But in my kingdom, dependence on Me is a prime measure of maturity.”

What a coincidence… that was no coincidence… that’s God looking down at me and speaking to me…


12:00 am. June 25, 2016

Well… look at that… I’m an adult now…


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