Dear future husband…

These are the reasons I love you…

  1. you are honest with me, even though it may create conflict, because you know we can overcome it
  2. you love the Lord. you bring me closer to him everyday through the kind words you speak to me and those around you.
  3. you are confident in your own abilities and don’t let others define you
  4. you love coffee as much as I do 🙂 (or if you don’t its ok haha)
  5. you know how to give a really good hug when I need it.
  6. you push me to be greater because you know I can always achieve more
  7. you love your family and you treat your mother and father with respect. the way you treat them is a reflection of how you will treat me
  8. you know just the right way to make me smile
  9. you take pride in your appearance. I respect that you like to dress nice.
  10. you are loyal. you stick by those you love even through the worst of times
  11. you accept constructive criticism just like I accept yours. neither of us are perfect and we can improve our character in different ways.
  12. you are humble. you don’t show off. you don’t put others down to make yourself feel greater
  13. you think before you speak: James 1:19 – “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak…”
  14. you respect me and my opinions just like I respect you and yours, but you are willing to share them in a respectable way
  15. you love me for who I am. you don’t force me to be somebody I’m not.
  16. you find joy outside of your material possessions. fame and success is not your number one priority, but you work hard to be a shining example of Christ
  17. you are committed. you won’t just move onto another girl a few weeks later.
  18. you have beautiful eyes
  19. you are mature. you know that some things need to be taken seriously
  20. you love me as much as I love you
  21. you know how to make me feel special
  22. you are quirky and unique. you don’t feel obligated to be like everyone else
  23. you care about your health but aren’t a fitness fanatic. you continually motivate me to live a healthy lifestyle but don’t control my every move.
  24. you know I am shy and don’t accept compliments real well, yet you continually shower me with compliments anyway.
  25. you don’t give up easily. you are strong-willed and determined; you persevere through any trials you face.
  26. you make me happy. I get butterflies when I think about you.
  27. you have a strong moral standard for yourself. you do not let others persuade  you to stray from that standard.
  28. you are friendly and lively. you love to meet  new people and people love to meet you.
  29. you have self-control.
  30. you face your problems rather than drinking them away. you don’t take drugs to live high
  31. you buy me gifts because you want to give me something special, not because you feel obligated
  32. you are forgiving. I make mistakes but you know I still love you.
  33. you have control of your temper. James 1:19 “slow to anger.”
  34. you are selfless. you put others before yourself
  35. you have a servant’s heart. you are committed to helping those around you less fortunate than you.
  36. you continue to pray and strengthen your relationship with the Lord.
  37. you are optimistic. you can see the best in people
  38. you gave me a chance and now you trust me. it says a lot because you have been hurt before.
  39. you don’t cuss a lot. i respect people who are kind with their words.
  40. you like to be spontaneous sometimes. life is more enjoyable that way
  41. you love kids. if you only see them as annoying little brats that take up your time, you will never be a good father
  42. you stand up for yourself and your family
  43. you hold me accountable for my actions. you don’t let me get off easy; its good for me
  44. you think I’m beautiful even if I don’t believe it myself
  45. you love to go to church and learn more about Christ each and everyday
  46. you love dogs (that is an ABSOLUTE must)
  47. you can dance (or you at least try to)
  48. you are willing to just sit down for hours and talk to me
  49. you have made me the happiest girl in the world
  50. you read this in its entirety and you would be willing to read much more

I have been praying for you.


your future wife


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