many firsts

I know its been a little while since I’ve written… I’ll try to keep it on a weekly basis from now on πŸ™‚ I named this blog “many firsts” just because there were a whole lot of firsts in these past two weeks from first day of school, first game/ tournament, first trip to hot springs, first hall meeting, the list goes on… It’s been a little overwhelming but my friends and family have gotten me through it one day at a time πŸ™‚

Well… we started off with our first official day of college classes! Might I say that was quite a culture shock for me, ya know actually wearing normal clothes to school for once πŸ˜‰ Β After 13 years in a uniform, I wore jean shorts to school. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t taking classes at TCA and I had no idea what to expect out of any of my professors. The upperclassmen would always help you out/warn you about things you would need to know for the next year; there’s none of that here. Oh, and you aren’t taking all the same classes as your friends, so it’s kind of stressful when everyone doesn’t have the same homework as you so you can’t ask them questions. I took 3 classes that day: my microcomputer applications class (learn about word, excel, powerpoint etc. all the stuff you would need in the business world), bible survey (big picture of the bible), and wellness (pretty self explanatory… I actually find the class pretty interesting). Luckily I had a few classes with Glory and Bree so I didn’t feel too terribly lonely. And shoutout to our photobombers in the back πŸ™‚ I met a few new people in my classes, and it was kind of neat to know that this was a completely fresh start. No one really knows me yet so I can really begin to re define myself in college, and I am super excited about that.

We had our second day of classes: Composition I, OBU Connections (Sherlock Holmes & mystery novels), and Intro to Business/ Economics. Met a couple new friends (Emily, Selby, Jake, and Reed) and met all my new professors. I especially love my comp. teacher Professor Pittman. She’s super high energy and actually motivates me to get through the day. I can’t even imagine going to school for 8 hours a day anymore… My earliest class is 8:30 and I’m done by 1:50 everyday. And, since I live on campus, I don’t have to get up as early either which is another bonus. That night, we had our first hall meeting after volleyball practice ( as you can see from our mirror pic, we have already reached the point where we don’t care how we look haha. Glory bought those slippers for $10 at Walmart btw). It was just an hour of going over rules etc blah blah blah. After taking stupid pictures on my laptop, we all facetimed Cole who’s already BFFs with Glory and Paige (yay) and we made a late night mcdonalds run (you could tell Glory was so happy to have her picture taken) There were a couple guys from Henderson at the mcdonalds and I’m pretty sure they were laughing at us for how crappy we looked but we could care less.

Fast forward a couple days, and we BEAT HENDERSON in our first scrimmage!! Our gym is like 90 degrees compared to their ice cold freezer gym so they couldn’t even make it to 5 games (hahahahahahahaha) Shoutout to everyone who came and supported us, especially the swim team who are always our #1 fans!!! Here is our big group pic and post game selfie (after getting ice on like 5 parts of my body).

We went to Parkhill Baptist (I think I will soon be calling my home church) the next morning for the morning college ministry sunday school where they feed us breakfast EVERY week. Like they are the real MVP!! It’s nice to have home cooked pancakes and breakfast casserole every once in a while instead of the caf. We attended the service where we saw a few friends including savannah, our WOW group leader. It’s neat to be in such a small town because you can go to a church and see all these people you know.

After church, we spontaneously decided to drive to Hot Springs just to get out and about πŸ™‚ It was about an hour drive, but we jammed to pink, demi lovato, and twenty one pilots the whole way there. Paige and Glory laughed at me when I was admiring how pretty the view was. You don’t see many trees/rivers in Plano and so I was in awe of what they saw everyday. It was pretty amusing to them. We stopped at Hibachi Sushi Buffet where the food was absolutely DELICIOUS. I had a few california rolls and those bread thingys you dip in soy sauce (have absolutely no idea what the name for those is lol). We stopped in downtown hot springs. We went to a couple boutiques; one was called “earth… something” where Glory bought one of those Jesus sweatshirts and she absolutely loves it. I couldn’t quite find anything I liked and partially because I would rather just not spend money (sometimes… or most of the time hahaha). We ate at Fat Bottomed Girls cupcakes. I knew the minute I saw the name we would have to eat there just for the instagram caption. They were SOOOOO GOOOOD. The funny part is that they are really well known for their icing, but it tasted EXACTLY like my Aunt Terry’s icing. Btw, my Aunt Terry bakes and decorates her own cakes and they are flawless. The fact that this place has the same tasting icing and that they made it on cupcake wars tells me that my aunt should be on TV. I think we need to convince her to do that because she can make some pretty darn good cake.

Skipping to thursday, we left bright and early for our 7 hr van ride to Huntsville, Alabama. I had to miss two days of classes oops. We sort of attempted to do our homework on the way, but we pretty much just ended up looking at twitter/snapchat the whole time. Shoutout to cole for talking to me and keeping me entertained. We ate at Panera bread which was SUPER YUMMY. I got a roasted turkey and avocado BLT (without the tomatoes of course) with broccoli & cheddar soup. Panera only had circle 2-seater tables and so we made a bigger circle out of the circle tables (see panoramic below… everyone’s faces got screwed up hahahaha jamie with the death stare) After lunch, we got to the gym around 6:30 and had an hour practice at 7. For the first time ever, we practiced in a cold gym (like it was LIFE CHANGING). I could actually feel a breeze when I ran in my warmup. It was kind of freaking me out hahahaha. We ate at Olive Garden for dinner and hit the sack around 11 pm.2016-09-01 12.52.28

The next day we got to sleep in which was really nice. We didn’t have to be ready until 11:30 because we had our first game at 2 and second at 4. We beat both of the teams (Spring Hill College & Kentucky Weslayan) in 4 and I STARTED in my first set of my first college match!!!

The next day, we had to wake up at 6 am and NO ONE wanted to get out of bed. We ate breakfast and headed over to the gym for our one match of the morning against University of Alabama Huntsville. We lost in 4 but it was a really hard fight; really proud of how everyone played and never gave up even when we were down. Although we lost, I was super happy because my MOM CAME! She came all the way up to Alabama to see me play in my first college tournament. I think we can all agree she’s the best mom in the world πŸ˜‰ I am SUPER excited for this season with this amazing team! I think we can go really far. One more practice and then we have our first season game on Tuesday against Williams Baptist. Go tigers!

Katie πŸ™‚


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