It has been 4 weeks since I left home and it is hard not to hug my mom, sleep in my own bed, and eat a home-cooked meal everyday… but I’m getting through it one step of a time. One of those steps is remembering all the fantastic things that happened this week that make this transition just a little bit easier 🙂

park hill, pudding, photography, & ping pong —  These are the 4 P’s that made for a very eventful Sunday 🙂 I was extremely blessed to get together with a couple new friends I had met in the freshman class group chat. Jessica is from Allen, so we knew some of the same people, but Sarah, Teresa, and Suzannah are all international (ranging from Belgium, Cambodia, & China & in that order) We went to church together and went to Teresa’s grandmother’s house in Arkadelphia to eat my first home cooked meal in several weeks. We had fajitas, chips & salsa, and her grandma’s famous pudding (cool whip, white chocolate pudding, oreo crumbs, & topped with butterfinger crumbs) aka diabetes in a cup. It was SUPER delicious! Later on in the day, I meet up with Sarah & Ben for his impromptu photography shoot (she’s aspiring to be a photographer). We took a few really artsy photos and headed over to the guys dorm with Matthew for some late night ping pong. We were joined by Josh, Catie, & trey and we all battled it out in ping pong. In the battle of Katie vs. Catie, of course I lost… oops… but when we played doubles, I won every time 😉 shoutout to josh & his mad ping pong skillz. I had my first campus drive around which is where you drive around the campus in circles and play really loud music. It’s a tradition on campus but it’s just an ego boost because you think everyone is going to look at you and be like wow you’re so cool, can I be you. super funny that it actually became a thing. (btw that’s matthew in the back of the truck)

80’s Night — my only social event of the entire week. hahahahaha… one of the biggest traditions at Ouachita is TWIRP week (The Women Is Required to Pay). It’s pretty much a Sadie Hawkins everyday of the week, except very casual & Halloweenish… since you dress up everyday. I was only able to go to one night though because volleyball conflicted with all the other ones, which was fine because I was too tired anyway. Me, Glory, & Paige went to walmart the previous night and bought bright colored clothes, accessories, & nail polish (we ran out of time and didn’t have time to put it on funny enough). We got all dressed up, took some cute pics, and then danced. I have never been so sweaty in my entire life. We were all cramped up in this one room with now a/c and no doors to vent out heat… might I say it was hard to want to dance and sweat more. It was still really fun to get out and see people in their costumes. This is all coming from the girl who wore a tshirt that said “this is my costume” for Halloween one year… so might I say, I’m proud of myself for dressing up 🙂

coffee, late night adventures, & study dates — what can I say I love coffee, and if you know me you know I love coffee. I couldn’t live without it. Really glad that Arkadelphia has places like Dr. Jacks & Java Primo to satisfy my cravings in the midst of my absence from Starbucks (if I lose my gold status I will be really mad) we should start a petition for an Arkadelphia starbucks… I’ll get right on that 🙂 its even better when you combine the coffee with study dates in the student center with your bffs/roomies until 1 A.M. We went on an impromptu late night adventure and found a little pavillion all by itself. Catch me enoing or doing homework there soon 😉

new locker room! — I came to OBU the right year! The locker room was totally renovated over the summer and it looks fantastic. Wooden shelves, purple cushions, and extra shelves & wall plugs. I put my brookstone bluetooth speaker in there which has already been responsible for a ton of pre-game dance parties and Kori upgraded the locker room with our very own disco ball. DISCO BALL PEOPLE. It’s lit.

— btw, Ouachita volleyball went 3-1 this weekend so we are officially 6-2 on the record!! Go tigers! We play next weekend @ Harding University 🙂

a big surprise — My mom, Jeremy, & Carson surprised me at my volleyball tournament this weekend!!! I haven’t seen my little munchkins in 4 weeks and it was hard not to cry during our hitting warmup when I first laid eyes on them. After the game though, I proceeded to bawl my eyes out. We ate lunch at Arby’s and I showed them my dorm room as well as my new picture collage on my wall that makes me feel just a little bit less homesick 🙂 The boys really wanted to see it since they didn’t travel with us on move in day. Carson tried to hide under my bed.

Carson: “Why can’t I just stay here for a week with Katie?”

Mom: “pretty sure your teachers would be wondering where you were…”

I love them all so much. I get to see them in 4 weeks when they travel up to Durant for one of my games 🙂 I’m going to miss them so much!

And a HUUUUUUUUUGGGE congrats to my girl Shannon Hogan for committing to Ouachita for volleyball! I’m so glad I got to see you and cannot wait to be your teammate next year!!!

Until next time,



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