tomorrow is not guaranteed

A quick little thought for the day:

If you knew exactly when you would die, whether it was tomorrow, next week or some day next year, down to the very second in time, what what you do?

————- I would take my passport and go travel exotic places. I would go to the beach in Sydney Australia, see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and take a hot air balloon ride. I would do things that I never dared to do before like skydiving or bungee jumps off of high cliffs because I know I would never again have a chance to do them.I would get married and start a family (depending of course on how old I was) and I would spend as much time as I possibly could with the people I love. But of all these things…I would pray and read my bible continuously because I knew that my time was coming and I would be with the Lord soon…

You know those moments when you’re in the shower but in the middle of it you get lost in thought and just forget you are even taking a shower…? I had one of those moments today (oops… sorry bout that roomie haha) I took my psychology test earlier today (today was pretty crazy because 2 of my 3 classes had tests) and we had learned about reinforcement and punishment in modifying behaviors. We learned different ways to encourage and discourage behaviors as well as rules for efficient discipline.

4 Rules:

  1. You must be consistent.
  2. It needs to be sufficient but not overdone.
  3. You must reinforce “better” behavior, not only discipline the bad stuff.
  4. It needs to be immediately after the bad behavior occurs.

I am going to focus on that 4th one: immediate. If a parent does not discipline their child right after a bad behavior, the child is not as motivated to change their actions. As you probably suspected so, I am pointing this back to Jesus 😉

The biggest reason my walk in faith struggles is due to my inability to daily read my bible and have a quiet time. Often I will be so caught up with school, volleyball, friends, or just even watching Netflix, that I won’t devote anytime to the Lord that day out of pure laziness or apathy. It has been a struggle of mine for a while now, but I joined a bible study at Ouachita this year and bought myself a journaling bible so I could make it a habit to write down what I was thinking at the time and share deeper thoughts with the Lord. I will confess that I am still struggling, but I am working on it one step at a time. There are so many times when I planned to do a bible study, but I had to put it off for another day (then another… then another…) because I had a huge paper due, a test to study for, or some homework assignment that I would get a zero on if I didn’t turn it in on time the next day. Those assignments had a planned deadline when our faith so often does not. 

It’s very hard for us to prioritize a bible study over homework because:

“I can just do it tomorrow…”

“God won’t hate me if I do it tomorrow…”

“I promise I’m going to do it tomorrow God, but I really need to finish this worksheet or I am going to get a zero…”

How many times have you told God that? How many times have you actually followed through with it?  and another question… when has God EVER promised there would even be a tomorrow? Proverbs 21:1 says, “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.”

If I knew I would die tomorrow and my faith finally had a planned deadline, I would make sure all was right with God because the only thing I would care about was being in heaven with Jesus, the one who sacrificed His life for me, forever and ever. But the reality is… we don’t know when our time will come. We don’t know if the world will end tomorrow or if a tragedy or illness will suddenly strike; we don’t know what happens in this world, only God does. We so often push it off to the side because we “know” we won’t die tomorrow, and think we can afford to wait one more day. We really can’t do that because we don’t know. If I pursue God daily in everything I do, I won’t have to worry about whether my relationship with God is right when the time comes (especially if its a tragedy because then I wouldn’t be given a chance to make it right); I can sit back, relax, and let what happens happen, because I know God is by my side and will be waiting for me at the pearly gates when my time comes.

thanks for reading 🙂

Katie ❤


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